Name: Emory Gordy
Musical role: Bass Guitarist

Gordy took over from Jerry Scheff on 22nd April 1973 in Phoenix, AZ until the rest of that year.

Gordy played bass on Elvis-classics such as “Separate Ways”, “For the Good Times”, “Burning Love” and “Always on My Mind” - all recorded in March 1972. “When I went into those recording sessions, there was a lot of exuberance, a lot of energy”, Emory recalls. “I thought that was one of the best things I had ever done, and we did some great tunes and there was a lot of hashing over the tunes to get them just exactly the right way. And, everybody was there. It was very professional and at the same time the energy level was very high.”

He left again the band to concentrate on production work in the Music City. In 1989 he married one of country music's leading ladies, Patty Loveless.

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