Name: Jerry Scheff

Musical role: Bass Guitarist

Scheff (from San Francisco, CA.) played with Elvis's band at 829 shows. He briefly left the band after the first Las Vegas engagement in 1973 because of personal problems then picked up again on April 24th 1975 in Macon,GA and performed on all further shows.

In 1966, Jerry played trumpet on the soundtrack of “Easy Come, Easy Go”, as well as on number of other sessions.

By 1969, Jerry Scheff was a well-established and frequently used studio musician, known for his bass playing on some of the Doors-records amongst others. “I wasn’t an Elvis fan until our first rehearsal”, Jerry says. “James called and said: you have to hear this guy. I thought: ‘Nobody can be that good. But he was. The next day, I brought my wife to the rehearsal. She was even more impressed than I was.”

In 1973, not long after the Aloha show, Jerry quit Elvis' Band. But in 1975, he rejoined the group. “Elvis was very loyal. One day, his office called and said that they needed a new bass player. A few days later, I was on stage again with Elvis and his band.

Elvis always joked he didn't understand Jerry and their on-stage relationship often looked strained.

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