Many thanks to all those who sent in suggested Wallpaper designs. I've gone through them and have uploaded three of the best (so far) for you to download and use on your own PCs. I've also uploaded the orginal one (at the bottom).

To download, right-click on the image and when it opens in a new window, select the 'save target as' option. Or simply click on the image then drag the large version out of the browser and onto your desktop.

If you need any help on how to then use the pic as the wallpaper pattern for your desktop, let me know. If you want to create one yourself for use on this page, send me an e-mail, attaching the file.

Above - By André Luis (Brazil)

Above - By 'Big Boss Man' (USA)

Above - By Vladimir Derzhirukov (Russia)

Above - Original elvis-in-concert wallpaper